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About Us

Our Mission | Our Vision | Our Values

Our Mission:
To deliver high quality garments in a timely fashion at a substantial saving to our business partners while contributing to the efforts made to stimulate the Bangladeshi economy and improve the quality of life of its citizens.
Our Vision:
To be respected and appreciated by our clients and work force alike, recognized as a manufacturer of high-quality clothing, and to become the over-all leading garment factory in Bangladesh.
Our Values:
Team work, initiative, focus in a discriminatory free environment where ethical treatment and equal opportunity are the foundation of our infrastructure. Fairness and trust in a familial setting is valued and protected.

In 1992 a family of locals and overseas business professionals eagerly embarked on the establishment of a new garment factory in their native country of Bangladesh. Governmental efforts to improve the Bangladesh economy plus supportive policies towards the apparel industry were the key factors in the realization of the Needlework Factory. Recent business incentives provided by the European Union has further enhanced and solidified the appeal of manufacturing in Bangladesh.

Needlework’s founders received their business education and technical training in the UK and China. Collectively they hold over fifty years of experience in the western market. They have combined their extensive over-seas business training and knowledge of Bangladesh’s language and culture to establish a solid and innovative infrastructure. The merger of Western and Bangladeshi business culture contributes to high-quality yet lower-cost manufacturing attractive to overseas retailers and wholesalers. Needlework’s management system allows for streamlined delegation of functions and decision-making authority enabling swift decisions and efficiency at all levels. Our team of manager’s who oversea the company’s logistics and production include ex-patriots who have brought with them more than 30 years of combined experience.